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Name:Trey James Wilson
Birthdate:Jul 31
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Cooking up the books, a respected occupation
The anchor and foundation of multi-corporations
They don’t believe in crime
They don’t know that it exists
But to understand what’s right and wrong
The lawyers work in shifts

Midnight Log, The Clash

Trey James Wilson and his fraternal twin brother, Kyan, were born in Denver, Colorado. They were the third child to Jackson and Lillian Wilson, following their adopted twin sister, Ella. Their parents took the long road of adoption after many IVF attempts to have children failed. They adopted Ella from Korea when she was a baby, but not long after they had her home and just getting settled, Lillian discovered she was pregnant… and with twins. It seemed to be one of those classic cases you heard about when you stop trying for something, it happens for you. This was no different.

The siblings were all close, but Trey was definitely the loudest of the three of them. He wanted to be an lawyer, like to get into a good debate, and was extremely ambitious and studious (almost incorrigible with his determination to succeed). As a kid, he liked to take the lead in games, and his brother and sister happy to let him. Kyan was always the quietest and most introverted of the three. He was easygoing and happy to just tag along with whatever they were planning, but had a shy streak a mile wide. They became closer still when their father decided three kids were too much of a handful when they were only expecting to have one. He didn’t cope well, developed anxiety, and as a result, the marriage broke down when he had cheated to try to get a distraction from the hectic family life.

The twins were only around three at the time the inevitable divorce happened, so they didn’t know their father too well, nor have many happy memories with him. They stuck together as a family, and their mom was a trooper raising the three of them on her own. Although Kyan was quiet and introverted, he loved to perform from a young age. It seemed to be where he shed the shyness and shone, though nudging him towards more of that as he got older was a hard task for his family. He always doubted his abilities and his talents, but they did soon manage to get him joining a couple of local theatre groups on top of the fact he was already topping his classes in music and drama.

Trey was the fiercely ambitious and studious one of the family. He was a straight A student, Class President, and head of the debating team with aims to go to Law School once he finished high school and completed pre-law. He also discovered he had an unfortunate allergy to alcohol when a high school graduation party went wrong and he ended up in the ICU after a severe anaphylactic shock. It was a bit of a shit thing to find out right before your college years, but he figured it was a sign that he shouldn’t fuck around in college so he got to where he wanted to be in his career.

Kyan, on the other hand, wasn't a fan of parties in general. Any time he went, his brother and sister had to practically drag him to them. Whilst he wasn't allergic to booze like Trey was, he didn't have much of a tolerance for it. He was a lightweight and hated the sensation of being drunk. It was probably another thing that made him a bit of a bore on the face of it, but it was more just a case of him being a subdued and shy personality, except when he was on stage. Unlike Ella and Trey, who both got their first choice of colleges which both happened to be in New York City (Kyan was beyond proud when Trey made Ivy League, getting in Columbia University), Kyan didn't get accepted into any of the performing arts programs he applied for. His CV wasn't strong enough to support the applications, likely in the face of competing with many extremely talented kids who nailed their college apps with a long list of extracurricular high school activities to support them.

He made the choice to stay in Denver and he got a job coaching a kids theatre program with the theatre he had been lead in a few productions with. He enjoyed the job, but it never felt fulfilling for him. He wanted to be a professional performer, it didn't seem like it was his time for his star to shine. It turned out to be a fortunate thing when their mom fell ill with ovarian cancer when Trey just commenced his second year of Law School. She was Stage 4 and terminal, given approximately 12 months to live. As much as Trey and Ella wanted to come home, their mom insisted they stay in school because she didn't want the last thing she knew in this life to be that she caused her kids to lose out on their careers because of her. They made many trips home when they could, and it was Kyan who stayed with her and nursed her through the illness.

It turned out that 12 months was optimistic. Around four months into her chemotherapy, her health took a turn for the worst. She was initially hospitalised but asked if she could go home and have a home nurse visit to administer medications and help out for a few hours a day. She went down hill quickly, and it was late one night when she was in excruciating pain with Kyan sitting on the bed with her hold her hand that she asked him to help her end her fight. She didn't want him to watch her die in agony, without her dignity, when she knew she was going to die from it anyway. It was a heavy burden to place on him, and she told him she wouldn't blame him if he couldn't do it, but asked him if he could think about it.

Kyan couldn't stop thinking about it. It was the worst time of his life, knowing she was dying and with her condition severely and rapidly deteriorating, it would either happen sooner rather than later, or she would go on for months in agonising pain that he would have to watch her try to exist through. It was all she was doing by that point... existing. She lost an incredible amount of weight, lost all her hair, was being fed by tubes, and on the maximum dose of painkillers. It wasn't something he thought he could go through with, but when she began to fall in and out of consciousness, he finally agreed to her request and administered medication she had been stashing away from the beginning which sedated her and a short while like, she passed away peacefully in her sleep.

It is a secret he has kept to himself, not even telling his twin or his sister. He doesn't know if he will ever be able to, but he carries the burden around with him inside all the time. Though, he is doing the final thing she wished for him before she died... to go spread his wings and live his life. After selling the family home, the estate which was split three ways between the siblings, Kyan moved to New York and purchased a tiny shoebox apartment with Trey who had been living on campus until that point.

Trey took his mother's death pretty hard. He had been poised to start a traineeship placement with law firm Campbell Page & Waterston, working under principal partner and owner of the company, Mark Campbell when she died. He almost pulled out of the contract, thinking he wouldn't be able to deal with his grief along with trying to keep his head above water with college work. But when he went to sit down with Mark and explain the situation, he ended up breaking down in tears and letting the grief shine through. He was pissed off at himself for not keeping it together, but Mark was amazing. A parent himself, and to his mentally ill son, Justin, Mark was incredibly understanding and listened while Trey offloaded to him. He promised Trey he would hold the placement for him for as long as he needed, and once Trey felt like he was able to focus better, commenced work with the law firm and struck up a great working relationship with Mark and his junior partner, Ashley where he started to learn a lot of the tricks of the trade.

Trey has become a bit of a workaholic, but he still loves spending time with his brother and sister. Losing their mom, they realised family was the most important thing. They're all single, so they have the extra time with each other. Trey loves living with his twin, even if it's a tiny apartment. They rarely fight and there has never been any sibling rivalry. With Kyan an understudy on Broadway (for Mark's son, of all coincidences) and Ella librarian at a private school, Trey couldn't be prouder of his brother and sister if he tried.

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